Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Google Wave is just a ripple with no big splash

Anyone who knows me or my work will affirm that I am an Early Adopter Of All Things Google (EAOATG).  This is being composed in gMail, it will be posted to Blogger, and will be referenced in Google Reader.  Copies will most likely be stored as Google Documents.

So my concern is that Google is waiting too long to bring the Wave into fruition.  After such a glorious introduction this interminable wait is only undermining the Wave's seeming potential.  To that end the question arises, "Whats wrong with the Wave?"

Why haven't we heard more substantive reports about its functionality.  Why haven't we heard Wavers swooning its praises?

Why can't EAOATG's get access to even the sandbox version?

Perhaps all we can do is wave ... as the ripple diminishes into the Google sunset.

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