Sunday, January 18, 2009

Windows 7: Less Annoying

I read Seth Godin. Even if you are not in his 'business' you should read Seth Godin. Today in his posting Love (and annoying) he started out by saying this...

The goal is to create a product that people love. If people love it, they'll forgive a lot. They'll talk about it. They'll promote it. They'll come back. They'll be less price sensitive. They'll bring their friends. They'll work with you to make it better.

If you can't do that, though, perhaps you can make your service or product less annoying.

Microsoft's Vista immediately comes to mind. Vista, the Windows ME of the 21st century, failed (on so many levels) because Microsoft insisted on making it more annoying.

If the goal is to create a product that people love then Microsoft should very seriously consider allowing the user community to acquire Windows 7 the way it did with early versions of Windows 3.x.

Remember, if you are old like me, how liberating a graphical user interface (GUI) was compared to the cold and impersonal command line interface (CLI) DOS prompt, C:\>.

Remember how empowered we felt being able to simply point and click our way into personal computing? Be honest now, remember how much in love we were with Windows (and Microsoft) at the time. Microsoft would do well to remember how we almost literally fell over ourselves running out to purchase new PCs with the latest version of Windows.

Microsoft would do well to remember that If people love it, they'll forgive a lot. Our love affair with Windows allowed us to grudgingly overlook things like the dreaded BSOD.

Microsoft Windows XP BSOD

Perhaps if we could love Windows 7 we would be willing to overlook how completely Microsoft tried to force the likes of Vista on us. We might overlook how successive generations of Microsoft Windows have forced us to pay for very expensive hardware upgrades. They were very expensive because they offered little return on actual computing but were only necessary to support Microsoft's porcine programs.

Microsoft will gain the love of every computer user if they make Windows 7 available as a free very low cost upgrade. Imagine the GIANT public relations coup Microsoft would enjoy if licensed XP users were simply allowed to upgrade to Windows 7 the way we 'upgraded' from the DOS prompt to a new shiny GUI.

And speaking of falling all over ourselves ... Microsoft must realize that as we consumers lean toward small-form, even sub-compact, notebook [Netbook] computing platforms we won't accept forced hardware upgrades because of Operating System (OS) revisions. In order to maintain the love Microsoft will simply have to strive at being less annoying.

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