Thursday, January 22, 2009

For the record, I ain't...

I ain't erudite.

I ain't got all that book learning at my fingertips so's I can add in all them fancy quotations and citations. I don't know all them intricate linguistical turns of phrase that give substance to the foundation of my writing. I do not have the ability to adequately convey higher order concepts. At least not as well as I might. It is very unlikely that I will ever write a seminal thesis on any given subject.

I do endeavor to speak to issues of the human condition. I attempt to write in a voice that can be heard and easily understood. To that end I take certain liberties. I depend on the commonality of the human experience. I even go so far as to make assumptions about the environment we live in and the experiences we share. I write to reflect my observations of my human condition.

...S'there! I tol' you I weren't erudite. Now do you believe me?

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