Saturday, January 26, 2008

Open Impressionist Paynters

Frankly, once again the impressionist Paynter has kicked my ass... so turn about is play fair... she sang the Christmas carols in our house... how lucky is that?

Open Turpitude

FCC: "We've Got Those Bare Buttocks Under Control!"

The FCC just fined ABC $1.43 million over buttocks and "small area of the side of one breast" shots in a more than five-year-old episode of the NYPD Blue television series. The time lag between the airing and this fine may help to explain the Commission's lack of attention to critical Internet issues -- staff has probably been hard at work on the Blue case, giving the matter frame-by-frame attention so that they couldn't be accused of falling down on the job.
I want to know who gets the $1.43 Million??? The FCC?!?!? For a five year old flash of buttocks and "small area of the side of one breast"?!?!?

The very thought of a travesty such as this is ... pornographic! FCC fine yourself!

Open Lexicon: add a new word!

The fellow over at Miscellanea 2.0 queried...

Why would Google hire MRC and Seth McFarlane to do fifty webisodes? And why is this obscure company, backed by major investors, so interested in web content? Could it be that Google is starting its own online TV station with its own original and high-quality content?
Emphasis mine!

Here is a word/concept that we will be hearing a great deal about in the very near future. Original content being made available on the web - as a primary outlet. This effectively resolves the "we-are-losing-money-from-unauthorized-sharing-on-the-Internet" arguments. When the content is 'designed' to be presented on the web _and_ the monetization of such work is not dependent on DRM then everybody is going to come out a winner.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Open [Political] Power

Hillary Clinton: Dr. King's dream began to be realized when President Lyndon Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, when he was able to get through Congress something that President Kennedy was hopeful to do, the president before had not even tried, but it took a president to get it done

Bill Moyers: There was nothing in that quote about race. It was an historical fact, an affirmation of the obvious....
Moyers was and is absolutely correct. There is nothing in that quote about race. It is all about power. Ms Clinton was speaking of the power of the office of President, to which she aspires, not the power, the real power, of a pacifist black pastor.

When Dr. King's achievements are debased by such a callus and uncaring perspective then the character of the speaker is drawn into serious question. This is just another attempt by the Democrat political machine to sway fickle American opinion.

Perhaps Ms Clinton should speak to the viability of a white female's ability to affect change in these United States of America's good-old-boy-person political environment. Obviously this is not a question of gender. This is a question of power.

Open [Free] Phones

TANSTAFL - There ain't no such thing as free lunch. There better be 'Free Phones' ...

When you add GPS to a cellular telephone then the phone "knows" exactly where the owner is. Very quickly the cellular provider will begin to correlate the amount of time that a phone stays in a specific location. Further analysis will show patterns of 'phone behavior' - Jane Average's phone visits Starbucks locations Monday thru Friday at roughly the same time, just before work.

By monitoring (NOT Recording) the visible light and the infrared light via the 'camera' that is built-in the phone will know to alter brightness appropriate to where the owner is. More over this information gives the phone a bit more knowledge about the owners behaviors.

  • dark and cool = purse or backpack
  • dark and warm = pocket
By monitoring ambient noise (NOT recording, just monitoring environmental noise) the phone can alter the volume of the ring tone to better suit the owners current environment. This same Ambient Noise Level (ANL) can be correlated to the owner's environment. Certainly cars, buses, trains offer baseline ANLs that can be determined. The ANL of a single speakers voice some distance from the phone might tell the phone to vibrate in church instead of RINGING.

If the phone knows where the owner is and what the owner is likely doing then the cellular provider can 'target' advertisements for the phone's location. While Jane Average is most likely headed towards her morning coffee fix her phone might try to convince her to try Dunkin' Donuts ... which is just around the next corner, on the right...and here is an instant coupon for a complimentary pastry to go with your coffee.

All this is fair-use information. By fair-use I mean that it could have been gained by alternative legal means. But, the only way that I would cooperate with such a scheme is if the communication service (getting to talk on the phone) was provided free of charge. If I don't like the 'Free Phone' with all its little niggling ads then I am always free to purchase 'private' communication services and devices at the current market value.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Open Misunderstanding

When I first heard this common misunderstanding I assumed that it was a local issue ... a perspective that I attributed to my geographical location... on "good authority" I heard that

Obama [is] a Muslim fundamentalist
I was just flabbergasted! When Barack Obama became a candidate I read his bio at
Barack Obama continues to speak out on the issues that will define America in the 21st century. But above all his accomplishments and experiences, he is most proud and grateful for his family. His wife, Michelle, and 2 daughters, Malia, 9, and Sasha, 6, live on Chicago's South Side where they attend Trinity United Church of Christ.
So when I heard Muslim I was _very_ surprised. Surprised until I thought about the possible origins of such misinformation.

Please, put dirty politics in their place... Not in the White House!

(Paid for by the committee to not re-elect the Presidents Clinton.)

Open Rationale

Humor me ... say the following out loud:

"The Presidents Clinton"
I believe from a governmental perspective that is the most frightening thing I have ever heard.
"The Presidents Clinton"
... nuff said!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Open Letter

Saudi Jeans

A Letter to Fouad: What I Know

Wednesday, January 9, 2008 · 17 Comments

Dear Fouad,

It has been a month since you were detained, and I miss you. It has been a rough month for the rest of us here, but it is certainly nothing compared to what you have had to go through and still do. They told us you were detained because you violated non-security regulations. Gibberish, to say the least, but that’s what we were told. I really don’t know what kind of law you violated by merely exercising your God given right of free speech, and I don’t know when calling for freedom, justice, peace and moderation has become a crime.

But here is what I know. I know that all these values you called for are worth fighting for. I know that we believe in a just cause, and that tomorrow belongs to us, not them. I know that no matter how long the darkness lasts, the sun will rise again. I want you to know one thing: I am here for you. I will keep supporting you and I will do my best until you are free again and back to your family and friends. You will not be forgotten.


Open Doors

Sometimes you get so far away that you cannot make out the road signs ... so it just doesn't matter which way you go... you just go...

Open Attire

In a previous post I displayed and linked to a parody cartoon depicting Hijabi Fashion on the Syrian Streets. In fairness I thought I would share this link...

Muslim woman: Energetic, happy and faithful

But Islam as the latest divine religion and vanguard of all the philosophical and theological schools in the world looks at the issue of women dressing and Hijab with an open mind and liberal viewpoint.


The slight limitations and restrictions are also booked in order to protect women’s personality, ethics and respect.
In Islamic countries such as Iran, women are not forbidden to take part in social and communal activities, sports, cinema, TV, arts and even politics and freely do anything they desire regarding to their beloved religion sent by the majesty God and translated to us by Muhammad (PBUH), the prophet of peace and love.
Today in my country, Persia the land of honor, female athletes are increasingly participating in national and international sport tournaments and winning several medals and prizes from Olympics, World Cups and competitions.


The Muslim woman is progressive, energetic, free, harbinger and happy. She covers her body to keep the tainted eyes and looks away from herself and not become an advertising tool by physical attractions for capricious men.


You can watch the pictures and simply discover the conditions of women in Iran. Free to participate in sports, with modest happy and colorful dressings, covered bodies and respecting to their religion teachings.


. . .