Saturday, December 27, 2008

Stupid is as stupid does...

Posted on The Hill

RNC candidate distributes controversial Obama song
Posted: 12/26/08 12:10 PM [ET]

RNC candidate Chip Saltsman’s Christmas greeting to committee members includes a music CD with lyrics from a song called “Barack the Magic Negro,” first played on Rush Limbaugh’s popular radio show.

Thomas L. Friedman, from his posting "Time to reboot America"
We can't continue in this mode of "Dumb as we wanna be." We've indulged ourselves for too long with tax cuts that we can't afford, bailouts of auto companies that have become giant wealth-destruction machines, energy prices that do not encourage investment in 21st-century renewable power systems or efficient cars, public schools with no national standards to prevent illiterates from graduating and immigration policies that have our colleges educating the world's best scientists and engineers and then, when these foreigners graduate, instead of stapling green cards to their diplomas, we order them to go home and start companies to compete against ours.
From the country that not only brought you Dumb and Dumber ... but also produced a pre-quel Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd comes the RNC!

As long as we insist on being 'Dumb as we wanna be' I guess we will continue to "does stupid."

I so much so wish that we could put the stupidity of our previous political life behind us and move forward as a country. It just makes me sad to see such fine and upstanding people make such utter fools of themselves.

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