Friday, June 13, 2008

Open Plea: Know and Remember

Yesterday I posted about supporting Iranian Women's Rights activists. Today I have received a comment and an e-mail containing this message.

These are the photos of women who were arrested in Iran yesterday.
Please go to this site به جرم زن بودن

Please think of these daughters, sisters, fiances, wives, mothers and visualize them in prison, held as social subversives.

Now know and remember that these eight women, Nafiseh Azad, Jila Baniyaghoub, Farideh Ghaeb, Jelveh Javaheri, Sarah Loghmani, Nahid Mirhaj, Aida Saadat, and Nasreen Sotoodeh, along with many, many more represent the hope of our future.

True peace in a healthy society can only be achieved when all people are respected. When fear is vanquished. When repression and subjugation are replaced with compassion and cooperation.

One Million Signatures Campaign

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I am going to vote for Barack Obama.
I am William "Papa" Meloney and I endorse this message.

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