Thursday, March 20, 2008

Open Economy of Attention

I am bankrupt.

In the Open Economy of Attention I am declaring bankruptcy.

  • Media pundits and their respective outlets are worse than the politicians they comment on.
  • The media is in the profit making business of selling stories.
  • News is not news if your opinion story is the "News" that you are reporting today.
  • Media reports the "News" that people want to hear.
  • People running for office, the best and the worst, are politicians.
  • People running for office can say anything they want. They can paint any picture they want.
  • People running for office tell the people what they want to hear.
I freely admit that early on I climbed onto the Obama bandwagon and languished in the Obama rhetoric - the man can speak!

I still believe that inside the box of the American Political Experience that Barack Obama is the best person/politician running for the office of President of the United States of America.

My realization is that I can no longer afford to stay in that box. I cannot afford to spend my personal capital enduring the rigors of being inside that box. I cannot have my hopes, dreams and aspirations toyed with so callously by the American Political Experience. I can no longer allow the baggage of my economic and social needs be carelessly thrown onto the public carousel by that same American Political Experience. The American Political Experience is too expensive.

I cannot pay any more attention. I am bankrupt.

In our upcoming primary I will vote for Barack Obama.

Should he gain the nomination of the Democrat party I will vote for Barack Obama.

. . .