Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I am not as dumb as you advertise I am!

Moral of this story: Be careful who you get in bed with. If you lay down with dogs you will get up with fleas.

I have taken to turning the radio or the television OFF when advertisers insult my intelligence (as small as my intelligence is).

It is suggested that advertising pays for radio and television content, the shows. Content providers, the show producers, should be _very wary_ of who they allow to pay for their work. Because, if I turn off the radio or television I am really diminishing the value of the content at the price of the advertising. Advertising products that I will purposefully go out of my way to avoid at all costs. So now two providers are impacted, the content and the product.

1.) Products that allow or accept insulting advertising get what they deserve. It might be a great product but if you insult the consumer - oh well. In your case you will get what I will not pay for.

2.) Content providers that allow or accept insulting advertising are getting the fleas! And if you have ever been around a pet with fleas you know the feeling. By turning the radio or television off I am, in my small way, impacting the content provider's market share. Less market share means that they will have more and more difficulty coming up with the money to produce their quality content. It is a shame that content providers suffer because of the very advertisers that supposedly are paying the bills.

. . .