Saturday, September 02, 2006

Please let me be...

...a New Barbarian!

"We're about to see a huge tectonic shift, more dramatic than anything in the past. This is the next boom, the next big storm. Things are going to get really wild."

They already are. Coleman is one of dozens of new barbarians plotting the Cheap Revolution, the wholesale shift by corporate customers and techmakers to cheap chips and open-source (often free) software such as Linux. They are embracing simplicity, unlocking prodigious new power and cutting tech costs by up to 90%, threatening the Silicon Valley plutocracy: the proprietary gear, "closed" software, redundant backup systems and fat profit margins of incumbents like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Cisco, EMC and other blue-chip nameplates.

The Cheap Revolution will not be televised!!! The Cheap Revolution will be LIVE!!!

Be prepared, this is a turning point of huge import. This is the formalization of what many of us have been engaged in quietly, in back-office spaces, server rooms across this great internet-work land of ours. Now we get to take it to the digital super-highways.

People get ready! The Barbarians are coming!!!

. . .