Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I just got paged by one of my computers

05:00 CDT - Pager went off

Under any other circumstances my pager going off is not a good thing. Either someone at work is paging because they are having a problem or the NMS system is paging to indicate there is a computer problem. Or both.

But in this case I just cron-ed a job to page me at 05:00 Monday thru Friday - so I don't have to set my alarm clock any more. This has a number of advantages. First on Saturday and Sunday my "alarm" doesn't go off. On the days when I need it...it is there right on schedule, not susceptable to power outages. How many times have you awoken to an alarm clock blinking 12:00 AND you are late for work.

The other advantage is that I have affirmation on a work-daily basis that both my paging system and my primary NMS system are on-line.

Good morning... and I can smell fresh coffee brewing. Ahhhh

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