Thursday, October 21, 2004

$100 PC Steve?!? Are you suggesting that we pay $100.00 for hardware and ~$200.00 for the OS???

Or will it be your intent to saddle cheap PCs with XP-Lite?

It is terrible that the most influential driving force in the personal computing industry could further debase themselves by offering an OS that is even more limited that XP-Home. And all for what? A "Lost Leader" product in the market place? An obvious grab at market share.

I will grant you that the American market is fickle. It will be easier to sell them a cheap PC with a cheap OS than it will be to successfully contend with real competition.

There is some irony that a piece of hardware "should" be certified to work with an OS but the OS and associated software need not meet such a standard. Higher engineering standards will be demanded of such a $100 PC than to the software it is destined to run.

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