Monday, July 12, 2004


Call me callus, unfeeling, lowlife scum. I say that hacking is wrong! All hacking is wrong! No amount of do-good rationalization will change the fact that a hacker enters (illegally) a given system. Beyond that initial infraction, any changes that a hacker makes is then an act of defacement. (Excuse me Mr. Da Vinci but I think she needs just a bit more of a smile. There, that's better.)

Hacking is wrong.

My contention is that the offending site should be boycotted, avoided, shunned. 'If thy right site offends thee, pluck it out!' to paraphrase good advice. Hacking a bad site is giving credence and support to an otherwise offensive content provider. Let the offender die of starvation. Let their business suffer from a serious case of bad judgment. Let the laws of natural selection take their inevitable toll.

. . .